Health and Safety Management

Aescon Co., Ltd. is fully committed to:

  • ensuring a safe work place for its employees
  • continually striving to improve safety performance
  • instilling a cultural mindset in the company to achieve a ZEROHARM work environment

This is achieved by identifying and rectifying any unsafe work conditions and or practices, as well as promoting safe working environment. Our team recognise that in order to achieve an outstanding safety performance and best practice, we must have a proven systematic safety system, committed management and a pro-active workforce. Aescon Co,. Ltd. has implemented a comprehensive safety system across the business in full compliance with Workplace Health and Safety. All employees and sub-contractors are fully engaged in the system and are made aware of their responsibilities through company and project inductions, toolbox meetings, Safe Work Methods (SWM’s) and / or Job Safety and Environment Assessments (JSEA). Safety audits/inspections are conducted at workplaces and independent third party audits of our Safety Management Systems are conducted to ensure ongoing compliance and continuous improvement.

“We have a proven systematic safety system, committed management and a pro-active workforce”

Environment Management

Aescon Co,. Ltd.understands the potential and actual significant aspects of our company facilities and project locations and the effect that these impacts have on the local environment and the communities. Our team recognise that this is a social responsibility as well as a legal requirement, therefore at our company facilities and operations, it will foster positive aspects of no incidents and a culture for resource management.Aescon Co,. Ltd.works with its clients and contractors to accomplish project planning to specifically identify our significant aspects and their potential impacts, risks and compliance requirements to achieve zero incidences and compliance with international standards and the specific conditions of the project approvals and requirements.