AESCON Co,. Ltd recognises that its main asset is its people and therefore invests heavily in the development and retention of employees. Aescon Co, .Ltd retains quality employees by providing in-house and external training and development programs so that employees are continually up-skilled in their respective fields of expertise. The development of employees has allowed the company to provide career planning, opportunities and promotion from within the organization resulting in a skilled, high performing, cohesive and loyal team culture and stable workforce. Aescon Co, Ltd encourages this culture through its day to day activities and leadership style and underpins this by rewarding its employees.

“The company’s culture is clearly evident and built on loyalty and trust and the empowerment of self-directed teams and individuals.”

Key Personnel

  • Mr. Apilas Suriyavanagul

    Managing Director

    Apilas is responsible for managing, developing, and implementing company's strategic plans and policies.

    "Now a day, business involves every individuals in some way. Personally, I have a board range of interests, which all involve buying and selling as fundamental, and draws me back to managing business.

    I am always looking for opportunities to further both business and personal improvement from the four most important points I learnt from my work experiences are QUALITY, TIME, COST, and COMMUNICATION."